About you

You are convening your key stakeholders, and the stakes are high. You have objectives you must meet in order to call this a success and it's keeping you up at night. We can help. 

How we can help

We have been facilitating pivotal events for over 10 years and have this down to a fine art. We have worked with everyone from UN officials, senior finance professionals, to environmental activists and higher education leaders. We use this experience to determine very clearly the objectives of a gathering and to craft a design for your event that will meet your objectives. 

Whether this is the first time the group has gathered, or you are pulling together a group that don't normally speak to each other, we can shoulder the responsibility with you to make sure it is a success. 

Nothing makes us happier than the buzz of a well-designed workshop where a magical, intangible connections are formed; the shared jokes, the genuine goodbyes, the feeling that something significant has been achieved. See our blog 7 tips for designing great gatherings (and a few major don’ts) to find out more. 

This might look like:

  • Working in partnership with you to set clear objectives for your event. Creating an engaging and focused event design

  • Facilitating your workshop on the day

  • A workshop designed to build your capacity to design and facilitate your own events   

Check out some of our work below: