The Systems Studio was founded by Rachel Sinha. Rachel collaborates with a network of Associates to meet the needs of different projects. 

Rachel Sinha

Rachel Sinha is a British award-winning social innovator, named by the Guardian newspaper as one of 50 Radicals “changing the face of the UK for the better”.

She is one of co-founders of The Finance Innovation Lab, designed to empower positive disruptors in the financial system. The Lab was named a semi-finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Award ‘Socially Responsible Designs Highest Award’ for its work bringing together people post financial crisis, to accelerate positive change in the financial system. Prior to that she worked on sustainability issues at ICAEW, Co-founding a number of organizations including The Natural Capital Coalition and AuditFutures focused on convincing the accountancy industry in the UK and abroad that sustainability is an important issue. She was named Management Today/BskyB ‘Future Leader of Sustainability’, for her work there and sat on the European Commission Expert Panel on Social Business.

Rachel has co-authored a series of articles in Harvard Business Review and Fast Company and publications including Labcraft: How Social Labs Cultivate Change Through Collaboration and The Finance Innovation Lab: A Strategy For Systems Change. She has been actively building the ecosystem of systems change and created, a video library designed to shine a light on the growing community of systems change practitioners. Collaborating with Oxford Said Business School, she also led an inquiry into the language of systems change and launched the publication Keywords. She has been a THNK Scholar, at the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, has a MA in Marketing (specialized in CSR) and a BA in Psychology. A Brit, Rachel moved from London to New York in 2015 and to San Francisco in 2017.  


African-Canadian Tanya moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of becoming a Broadway dancer ten years ago. Tanya had a thriving career that included tap dancing with Daniel Radcliffe and being 8 months pregnant onstage with Scarlett Johansen.

Tanya sees being creative as an opportunity to shift social consciousness and change the world through seeing the joint humanity in us all. Most recently she has worked with organizations such as The Dream Unfinished and the Center for Constitutional Rights, speaking on issues such as racial inequality and solitary confinement. She sits as performance director for the arts non-profit Pure Creative Arts which tackles identity among youth.

From a young age, she has been passionate about asking questions and digging deeper into human potential. She is interested in questions like What does it mean to be human? Who am I? Why do I see the world the way that I do and why is there so much injustice in the world? A trained Yoga instructor, she founded So Humanity in 2016 to create a safe space for the curious to remember who they are and who they want to become. Tanya and Rachel have collaborated on 'I AM' which followed Theory U and brought together the Broadway and Social Innovation communities in New York to help make sense of the US election.  

ANA Janošev

Ana believes that investing in youth, is investing in our future, and is fulfilled by helping them find their passions, interests and their career paths.

She has been working on youth social enterprise in Serbia, delivering workshops on idea generation, business modeling, planning and pitching for young people, developing incubation programs for idea stage social enterprises and creating a network of young social changemakers.

Active in the non-governmental sector for 5 years, she has worked on capacity building of youth and youth organization and education of marginalized groups. She founded two youth organizations in her home town and was twice a scholar of the U.S. Department of State, participating in their exchange programs. Ana has a BA in International Relations and is currently studying for her MA in Entrepreneurial Studies.

As an Associate of The System Studio, Ana supports on marketing, analysis and writing up workshop findings.