DONE! Write up your case study

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The Systems Studio DONE! (2).png

DONE! Write up your case study


You’ve led a project, had an impact and you know you need to write it up. How to condense years of work into a case study that can be useful to others? There’s so much to say. It’s on the list of things to do, but keeps getting pushed to the bottom as everything else is more urgent.

We offer coaching to write up both case studies (including your story and theory of change) and practice guides (tools and methodologies you used that were helpful).  We will help you navigate from good intention, to finished.  

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We work with systems leaders who need to write it down, but are overwhelmed by the task. 

Specifically we will: ·        

  • Help you clearly define your audience
  • Share theory of change frameworks that can clarify  
  • Get you started on writing and support you to make headway
  • Support you in editing your work, providing an experienced, fresh pair of eyes

If you want this job DONE! get in touch to talk more about what and when: