The Systems Sanctuary.

PEER TO PEER Learning programs

You are not just thinking about it, you are doing it. Or at least you are trying really hard. Perhaps you’ve been doing it your whole career, but never given it a name.

You are one of a growing number of pioneers experimenting with systemic solutions to systemic problems. Solutions that will benefit people and planet. You’re tired and inspired in equal measure. Your work is messy, unfinished, and hard to explain.

It also represents a beacon of hope for a better way of responding to our interconnected challenges, and we want you to succeed.  The Systems Sanctuary has been created for you. 

What is The Systems Sanctuary? 

The Systems Studio has joined forces with Tatiana Fraser of MetaLab to create The Systems Sanctuary- a platform for peer-to-peer communities of support for systems leaders. We have designed this program based on our own experience of co-leading systems change projects in the UK and Canada, as the support system we wished we'd had.  

  • Share your unique challenges

With a group who understand what you're talking about. You will receive practical advice, ideas and feedback on a specific challenge you are facing and learn from challenges and answers of others.   

  • Learn new tools and techniques 

Which can clarify and enrich your work; learn new tools, frameworks & techniques from peers who've actually used them. 

  • Build deep friendships

With like-minded peers and leave with a diverse network of systems change practitioners that will last long after the program has ended. Taking part will feel inspiring, supportive and fun.   

Our programs

In the Thick of it

It is open to people who have been leading a systems change initiative for at least two years. We are seeking a diverse, international cohort, who are working on different systems and challenges from public services, to poverty, to climate change, members of professions and beyond.We especially welcome those who have been disadvantaged by our current systems and welcome applications from people all over the world. We will work out time zones as to fit our cohort.

The Systems Sisterhood

System sisterhood invites women to be part of a community designed to support learning and reflection through life transitions. We will explore the unique challenges and insights into women’s roles as leaders, issues related to power including levers and challenges and new roles in leading change. We will reflect on transitions and share practices to support embracing the unknown and the emergence of something new.  We will also explore new frames and the big questions about life priorities as we balance multiple roles including leaders, mothers, caregivers, and more.