Take systems change to a wider audience.

helping you to explain it. 

If you are looking to share the theory of systems change in a way that will shift hearts and minds. We can help. 

We design fun, interactive workshops that will leave you with a clear understanding of both the theory and practice of systems change. We use clear language, drawings and storytelling to bring our messages to life. (see our recent presentation @Harvard as an example). 

This might look like a workshop on:  

  • An introduction to systems change
  • Mapping your system  
  • Strategy for systems change 
  • Systems change: How to get started

Telling your story

You want desperately to take your story to a wider audience, but you can never find the time to finish? We can also help you articulate the messy ideas, stories and frameworks you have in your  your head and hold you to account to FINISH. (See our blog on how to write down practice).

This might look like:

  • Hosting a writing workshop for you and your team
  • Editing and reviewing your drafts, with an eye to clarity, systems change content and how to present ideas in an engaging way.   
  • Helping you turn key concepts into images and frameworks that can make your work shine. 

We have experience in marketing communications (Rachel has an MA in Marketing) and have written extensively on systems change. From full case studies (The Finance Innovation Labs: A Strategy for Systems Change) to practice guides, we have written articles in HBR and Fast Company, a book documenting systems change practice with others (Labcraft) as well as several publications with partners from Oxford University to SiG in Canada.  

We have been fully trained in graphic facilitation, storytelling and can bring this expertise to concepts and stories you want to bring to life.  

You can read some of our writing on systems change below.